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Carpet Cleaning


We created a better solution!

For years, we cleaned carpets with a solution that was perceived to be the best carpet cleaning product available.  Then we asked ourselves, "Is there a better solution?"  We discovered that the answer is "YES! There is a better solution!" and we knew a "good" solution was just not good enough for our clients.

After working with a specialist, we developed an improved dirt capture system that we now use at Carpet Cleaning Plus. Changing to this "better" solution we were able to maintain the standards that are important to us and our clients:

• kid safe  • pet friendly  • non-toxic  • biodegradable  
• environmentally friendly • incredibly effective!

Why dirt capture instead of soap?

Soap and shampoos are designed to attract dirt, and most do a great job at that. The problem with putting soap and shampoo in your carpet is that it is nearly impossible to remove it from each of the fibers. Our dirt capture solution “captures” the dirt so that our dirt napper bonnet can collect it.

We begin with a pre-spray of the entire carpet of our solution using a backpack sprayer. We then use a rotary machine with a dirt napper brush and bonnet system. This bonnet and brush system cleans the carpet fiber and wicks up debris from deep with in the carpet. We finish by using a Lindhaus vacuum to dry vacuum the carpet. We use a Lindhaus because of what it picks up as well as how well it keeps dirt and particulates in its filtration systems.

The result?

Incredibly clean carpets!

After Cleaning