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Carpet Cleaning

carpetcleaningWe created a better solution!

For years, we cleaned carpets with a solution that was perceived to be the best carpet cleaning product available.  Then we asked ourselves, "Is there a better solution?"  We discovered that the answer is "YES! There is a better solution!" and we knew a "good" solution was just not good enough for our clients. 

After working with a specialist, we developed an improved dirt capture system that we now use at Carpet Cleaning Plus.  Changing to this "better" solution we were able to maintain the standards that are important to us and our clients:

• kid safe  • pet friendly  • non-toxic  • biodegradable 
• environmentally friendly 
• incredibly effective!


Grout & Tile Cleaning

Tile CleaningTiles are a very popular and versatile option for flooring. While most kitchens and bathrooms are outfitted with tile floors, more and more homeowners are choosing to use tile throughout their entire house. Tile floors are durable, long lasting; they cut down on dust production, help keep your home free of dust mites and other irritants, and are easy to keep clean. However, even with thorough routine cleaning, tile can start to become less lustrous over time. Dirt, grease, and grime may, over time, make your tile start to lose its sparkle, especially the grout.

So why would you have a professional clean your tile and grout when you could simply use a mop?


Upholstery Cleaning

upholsterycleaningMost folks do not realize that your upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly.

How often is regularly?

That just depends on the amount of use your furniture gets. Generally we recommend cleaning your most used pieces of furniture once a year.

We clean furniture by hand and do not use machines. We do this so the fabric and stitching of your furniture is not stressed. We begin by testing an inconspicuous area to be sure your fabrics are color safe. If color safe, we proceed.


About Us

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Carpet Cleaning Plus is owned and operated by Tim Moss, located in Cumming, Georgia.

Tim will continue to provide the same great service and customer satisfaction provided by recently retired owners, Mike and Cammy Draayor. 

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